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Our advanced cloud-based customer service system enables us to implement solutions to improve customer service and internal processes across various areas of your business. We provide innovative tools that ensure a steady flow of satisfied users, optimize your business operational efficiency, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


I need a ticket

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Video Calling
Video Call

Enable your customers to receive personalized attention from your team anywhere in the world, ensuring user satisfaction.

Appointment List
Appointment scheduling

Provides tools to schedule and coordinate meetings in an organized manner, optimizing resources and ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for your clients.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Effectively communicate with your audience using any device or screen during wait times.

Queue Management
Queue Management

Organize your waiting area using kiosks, tablets, screens, players, and tools provided by our software to enhance the user experience.

Wait List

Enable your customers to join the waitlist from any location, allowing them to manage their time more efficiently. This optimizes business resource management and ensures a smoother, more satisfactory experience.


Use reports to track wait times, improve staff productivity, analyze real-time information, and enhance branch performance.


With Qanty app forget about waiting in long and boring queues to be served, just look for your service entity and book a ticket in the queue.


Save the hassle of physically being present to get a ticket number.


Receive information in real time about the progress of your ticket and be alerted when your ticket is going to be attended.

Time saving

Ask for a ticket before going to the office and invest time in other activities while it is called.

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Some of our customers

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